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  bullet Garments that defy all preconceptions, performances that draw gasps of awe and astonishment, music that takes your breath away… this is the World of WearableArt, an exhilarating feast for the senses, an inspiring experience for the soul. Perhaps the pinical of World of WearableArt in New Zealand is the World of WearableArt Awards (WOW). It is an internationally acclaimed seven-night extravaganza; ever since its first appearance in Nelson in 1987. These five stamps feature designs from a recent Award show
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The Language of Wool - - textile terms that are part of everyday language

Chinese New Year featuring all the embroidered designs issued by Hong Kong

A World First - a Swiss embroidered stamp

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Art Deco Textiles


  bullet Issued in 2005 it is an embroidered commemorative stamp from Austria, created in Lustenau, the metropolis of the Vorarlberg embroidery industry.......more here   bullet Art Deco Textiles - The French Designers

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